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Cultural Training Programs for Business, Individual & Groups

Our portfolio of Cultural Training solutions provide corporate employees and groups with the necessary tools to function, communicate and work more effectively in the global marketplace. Programs are customized for each client and can be conducted at any location.




  • Cultural Training

  • Expatriate Training and Repatriation Training

    Expatriate Training is designed for the relocating assignee and family. The training helps individuals and their families adjust to the new environment and prepare for successful interaction both in daily life and business situations in the destination country. The training consists of the following parts: cultural differences/culture shock, business life, daily life/city specifics. The training occurs over 8-12 hours. A separate, customized children’s and young adult program (4 hours) is also available.

  • Intercultural Training

    These "softskill" trainings increase intercultural skills and improve management performance in a global environment. The training encourages participants to identify the tools and skills needed for effectively addressing social and professional differences in a multinational company. Training length: 4-8 hours; for groups of up to 25 participants.

  • Workforce Talent Development

    Workforce Learning programs are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals in order to improve their performance while in their current jobs and to develop capabilities for future opportunities within the organization.

    Leadership Development programs are designed for leaders and managers with a focus on developing competencies for managing functional responsibilities as well as developing competencies for organizational leadership.

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